Oasis OS-1 Ivory

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The Oasis collection is inspired by famous Moroccan rugs that are favored by designers and stylists. HRI’s designer’s have created a modern and beautiful collection of timeless design. Using hand spun 100% natural wool, master artisans hand knot a plush and soft rug that has a high pile which incorporates a high low texture unique in design and pattern. This creates a warm, yet authentic pattern that is subtle and beautiful. These designs can be used in any decor, from a traditional to modern setting. The rugs are all natural and eco-friendly. No chemical or dyes are used to create this elegant collection. The Oasis collection rugs are available in 5’x8′, 7′-9″x9′-9″ and 8′-9″x11′-9″. Oversize and custom pieces are available upon request.